July 27, 2009

American Filtrona mug

This mug for AFC (a manufacturer of "filter and bonded fibre") seems to have been given out to thank faithful employees for sticking around for 5 years." Thanks, here's a mug. Now back to work."

New post on Sunday

July 23, 2009

Welcome to the Weekly Mug Shot

In the spirit of such great sites as Skull-A- Day, Painting -A- Day , and Soviet Poster -A- Day comes a slightly less ambitious entry. A site of weekly coffee mug posts- that's right coffee mugs! As Frank might sing, "Man, I've got a whole gang of coffee mugs...", and where better to put some of them than the digital display shelf known as the internet? 

The mugs range from the imprinted kind that companies hand out to promote their wares (my favorites), to colorful State souvenir mugs, to some quirky novelty ones. After serving time in a kitchen cabinet, or as a desktop pencil holder, these ceramic cups share a common fate- they inevitably end up on a flea market bargain table or stacked on thrift store shelves, both places where I've found many of mine.

The first 'mug shot' will go up on Monday.